My trainer worked with me to ensure I remained motivated during my weight loss journey. Love my trainer!

Kaitlyn R.

These leggings are so soft! And pockets? What a great idea!

Lucy P.

I will never buy a pair of $90 leggings again after trying these on. Same quality for half the price! 


Meet the Team


John is the owner of Paradigm Athletics, and a Veteran of the United States Army. He fell in love with fitness at a young age as a stress reliever and anger management tool. John founded Paradigm in order to share his love of fitness with others and promote positive thinking and change in oneself.


Walter is a former collegiate athlete, and a lover of all sports. Walter is currently working as a Pharmaceutical rep, and has a knack for finding success in everything he does. Walter is also an avid "Sneaker Head", so if you ever need the newest launch be sure to hit him up on Instagram @Waltersampson


Gabby is a current graduate student, a lover of fashion, and former competitive dancer. Gabby is studying psychology and wants to live a life that improves others. Full of spirit and passion Gabby is a prime example of what it means to use your mindset to control your life. 


Alex is currently serving in the United States Army and we wish him all the best. Prior to enlisting you could find Alex competing in power lifting meets and setting numerous records for his weight class in New York. Alex has recently graduated from Airborne School and is hoping to begin his journey back to competitive lifting now that his training is complete.

Who We Are